Governor Update

The Governors of the school are really pleased to have seen all of the children settle back into school so well and we wish to pass on our thanks to the Parents and Carers for supporting all of the children so well during the lockdown. We also wish to pass on our thanks and appreciation to the Headteacher, teachers and staff on their great support and guidance for the children during the remote working period and the transition back to school life. Never an easy situation and based on the feedback we have seen from the parents, we know this has be greatly appreciated.


There continues to be a lot of work done by the Governors alongside the staff and teachers in the school. The key things that have happened in the last couple of months:


  • A lot of work has been undertaken to get us to a strong place for September, with work on agreeing the permanent headteacher position being a primary focus. We remain in discussion on this and hope to make a final decision during the next half term, with a formal announcement to the school community shortly thereafter.
  • We have successfully recruited another Co-opted Governor – Holly Greenwood, welcome Holly.  We have one more Co-opt Governor vacancy to fill before the Board is at full complement.
  • We have reviewed and signed off the school improvement and development plan and linked to this have now allocated governor roles for which we will begin monitoring against in the summer term.
  • The school budget has been reviewed, analysed at length and now leaves us in a positive position for the next 3 years.
  • We have signed off and agreed the September 2021 pupil intake and just await the official confirmation from the local authority in the middle of April on the final number.
  • We have fully supported the purchase of a new and increased set of digital devices for the school to replace the existing, old kit.


As a reminder if parents wish to get into contact with the governors we have a dedicated email address, which will be checked by the Chair of Governors –


For clarity the Governors are responsible for the strategic direction of the school, overseeing the financial position of the school and to support and challenge the school leadership team. Any questions or queries regarding the school operation or day to day running of the school should be referred to the Office or Headteacher in the first instance.