The Governors of the school thank you for your continued support of the school. We also thank all of the staff who continue to support the children and their families through this unprecedented time.

We are looking to provide a more regular update on outputs from the Governing Board and key things that have been happening. There continues to be a lot of work done by the Governors alongside the staff and teachers in the school . The key things that have happened in the last couple of months:

  • Appointment of Mrs Elaine Glendinning as Interim Headteacher

  • Recruitment of 3 new governors – Alison Toombs, Paul Garton and Rebekah Girling

  • Finalisation and sign off the revised school budget

  • Agreed and signed off a number of different school policies including School Development Plan and Remote Learning Plan

  • We have also been constantly reviewing and signing off the risk assessment document based on the latest COVID restrictions

  • Supporting the staff in their well being programme

One additional action we have been working through is a clearer way for parents and carers to contact the Governors. As a result we have set up the following email address which will be checked by the Chair of Governors – For clarity the Governors are responsible for the strategic direction of the school, overseeing the financial position of the school and to support and challenge the school leadership team. Any questions or queries regarding the school operation or day to day running of the school should be referred to the Office or Headteacher in the first instance