Year 2 and Year 3

Supernova Autumn 2020 Newsletter

Supernova Class Autumn 2020 Newsletter.pdf

Supernova's Forest School Sessions

Using tools the children have made some wonderful, necklaces and bracelets, using natural resources.

The children have opportunities to collect natural resources and be creative. We have painting tools, bow and arrows and plant arrangements.

The children love exploring and using their outside environment to be creative. They also learn the safety and correct names of the tools.

They love to get their hands messy. The children jumped at the opportunity to combine natural items with clay.

The children have many opportunities to learn about plants and growing.

The children have planted some plants of their own.

Collecting and recognising different types of leaves.

Using blackberries, the children created their own tie dye, using material and string. These look beautiful.

Natural art, using tie dye and natural resources. What an amazing butterfly!