At Hempnall Primary School, we have high aspirations for everyone working and learning in our school’s community. We work together to inspire, educate and nurture the whole child, providing opportunities for each child to learn, discover and grow their unique talents and abilities. We encourage and enable our children to work hard and play hard.

In partnership with our parents, carers and the wider community, we are committed to creating a culture of high achievement within a vibrant environment which stimulates and supports successful learning for all our children through appropriately differentiated expectations.


Our vision is for Hempnall children to to grow into enthusiastic lifelong learners, able to take their place confidently in an ever-changing world. We want our children to develop a healthy respect for themselves and others, enabling them to learn both independently and with each other. We want our pupils, to be inspired, to learn and to grow, hence our motto Inspire, Learn, Grow!


We value others, ourselves and our learning. 

We promote a growth mindset for all. 

We are committed to excellence.  

We care for and develop the whole child in partnership with parents and carers.

We want every child to be successful; to reach for success from the very first day they join us and throughout their school lives so that when they leave us, they have a love of learning for the rest of their lives.


By the time pupils leave the school at age of 11 years old, we aim for them to have most, or all, of the following attributes and their links to our Learning Powers:

  • Self-motivation and self-challenge – EMILY the ELEPHANT
  • Positive self-esteem – ALBERT the ARMADILLO
  • Independence, with a strong ownership of their own work – KELLY the KOALA
  • Enthusiasm for learning – MIKE & MARTHA the MONKEYS
  • Knowledge of how to keep themselves safe – EMILY the ELEPHANT
  • Enjoy a range of interests (not just academic) MIKE & MARTHA the MONKEYS
  • Be healthy (and aware of what you need to be healthy) – ALBERT the ARMADILLO
  • Confidence – SADIE the SQUIRREL
  • Creativity – KEVIN the CHAMELEON
  • An awareness of the wider world so that they are effective local and global citizens – SADIE the SQUIRREL
  • Digitally literate citizens – KEVIN the CHAMELEON